4 Sports You Can Bet On

Sports betting is incredibly popular around the world. With so many sports to bet on and such an exciting experience, it’s really no surprise that sports fans want to place bets on their favourite teams. This is especially true when fans know that they can get a pariuri bonus, or a bonus bet in English, which will help them boost their winnings. In fact, some sports betters know so much about a sport; they can place strategic bets on outcomes as their knowledge allows them to make educated predictions. Although any sports can be bet on, there are some that are more popular than others, and they can often be found on betting sites like VamosGG.


Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world and has the most recognised athletes. As a result of this, it’s also the most popular sport to bet on. It’s also the easiest sport to follow as there are so many outcomes to bet on. From who’s going to score first to an overall team winning, who’s going to get sent off or how many goals will be scored in total, there’s a lot going on. Several elements of football can be bet on, which is exciting, and with it being the most popular sport, matches are played regularly, always creating an opportunity to place a successful bet.

When the world cup is on, millions and millions tune in to watch the matches and see the results. Not only does this build excitement, but bets can be much more thrilling as the odds can drastically change depending on the favourites to win the tournament and the best players.


Some of the biggest boxing matches in the world have brought in epic amounts of money. Matches that have only lasted a few rounds have impacted boxing history so much that as soon as a big name is announced, people flock to watch the fight. In boxing matches, there’s a 50/50 chance someone could win a bet, so anyone could place a bet and have a pretty good chance of winning. Big-name boxers, of course, attract the most attention, but smaller names are starting to attract bigger crowds as the odds are great. Plus, even celebrities are getting in on the action, not only to bet but to also take part! This has made the boxing world go insane, and betting on boxing has become far more popular than ever before.


Cricket is a well known international sport. Many countries take part in the cricket world cup, uniting many places. Similarly for football, cricket matches are played regularly and then every 4 years, there is a world cup. However, there are not as many outcomes as there are with football; there are only 3 possible bets. When placing a bet, you’ll either select if you think that the home team will win, the away team will win, or if neither team win and it ends in a draw. You don’t get to bet on particular athletes, but a 1/3 chance of having a successful bet is pretty good.


Although the Olympics only happens every 4 years, there are so many opportunities to place bets. Hosting 339 events and representing 33 sports, there are plenty of athletes and teams to watch. It’s also a great way to discover new sports and have them break into the sports betting market. Basketball, swimming and gymnastics are often sports that are bet on, although many more sports get recognition at this event. Most betting offices will hold special events for this occasion, and the odds can be pretty good, especially on those less well-known events.

There are plenty of other sports out there to bet on, and although niche, they can bring in some great returns! Remember, bet responsibly.